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Coronavirus and Our Mental Health

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a huge degree of uncertainty throughout the population, but how are we all coping mentally?

We are all faced with different circumstances from one another and the effects of coronavirus on our daily lives are varied. People are suffering from loneliness due to the lack of social contact along with depression and worries about work and income. Some people will be experiencing anxiety or stress, while others may be feeling down. Whatever you are struggling with, it is important to remember that your feelings are just as valid as anybody else’s and you should seek help if you need it.

We can’t control outside factors of our life but we can control how we cope with them:

Try to keep doing activities which you enjoy – focus on the things you can do at the moment rather than the things we are all unable to partake in.

Make a short term plan – try to focus on the coming week rather than months ahead. Focus on what is important to you right now and tackle each day as it comes.

Watch out for unhealthy coping techniques – try to recognise and avoid these eg. Drinking more alcohol, comfort eating.

Talk to someone – never try to battle on alone, confide in family, friends, colleagues and people you feel comfortable talking to. If you are still struggling, seek professional help.

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